Sharing Ideas Promotes Productivity

Getting scooped stinks. With the quick flow in information in our high tech era, many of us protect our intellectual property as vigorously as we protect our children (after all, my writing never calls me “poopy head”). However, I believe there is a danger in limiting idea sharing.

There is an additive property in putting heads together. Working together creates that wonderful dynamic conversation: “Ooh… another thing to look into is…” and “It’s possible you could tie it into….”

These conversations are invigorating, and motivate me to get pen on paper. Also, it’s a good way to build collaboration. Bring a peer on to your paper, and he or she will return the favor. Everybody wins!

The danger in writing like a lone wolf is that it ultimately can limit your productivity. More importantly, though, it limits the reach of the literature and progress in our disciplines. I love this effort to promote collaboration among cancer researchers. Come on writers, let’s play nice 🙂

After all, even if two writers start with the same general idea, it’s nearly impossible that they would end up writing the same article.

Any good or bad experiences you’d like to share when you’ve shared ideas?